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Blocked pores on the body can often cause a rough, bumpy skin texture, dullness, and congestion. Pores can become blocked on the body from a combination of dead skin cells and oil being trapped in the skin's surface, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. However, with the help of gentle yet thorough and regular exfoliation with effective body washes, they can soon be cleared. Discover Ameliorate's products for blocked pores on the body, designed to transform the appearance of skin with innovative formulas and exfoliation. Within this range are dermatologist-approved, clinically proven solutions for clean, smooth, and refreshed skin all over the body.
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Why Ameliorate Blocked Pore Treatments For Body?

Within Ameliorate's range of products designed to clear blocked pores on the body are chemical exfoliants that free the skin's surface of trapped skin cells and unclog congestion. Made with a science-led, dermatologist-approved combination of ingredients, these products work to transform the appearance of skin for a clean, refreshed finish.