Bodycare Routines Through The Ages: 20s & 30s

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Its no secret that our skin changes as we age and your skin concerns in your 20s might be very different to what they are in your 50s. In this mini series, we interview our loyal customers about how their bodycare routines and skincare concerns have changed throughout different stages of their life.

This week, we spoke to Chloe Adams (@beautywithchlo_) and Lucy Robinson (@the.lux.aesthetic) to ask them about how their bodycare routines have changed throughout their 20s and 30s. Keep scrolling to read more about their weekly bodycare routines, the things they love most about their bodies and the Ameliorate products that they couldn’t be without. 

Bodycare Routines In Your 20s: Chloé Adams @beautywithchlo_


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1. What Does Your Weekly Bodycare Routine Look Like?

My weekly bodycare routine consists of three fabulous products, the Ameliorate Body Exfoliant, Body Wash and Lotion. I aim to use their Body Exfoliant 2-3 times a week, I find if I follow this routine religiously my skin is always so smooth! Of course, I aim to moisturise every day however, as we all know sometimes you just can’t find the time! If this is the case, I will moisturise every other day as the body lotion offers my skin 24-hour hydration. I shower once or twice a day, using the Ameliorate Body Wash – it’s so silky and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated!

2. What Is The Thing You Love Most About Your Body?

My arms! Prior to using Ameliorate products, my arms used to be so dry and itchy all of the time and everything I used would just make it worse or not ease the itchiness at all. However, since using Ameliorate products my arms are always so smooth and never itchy, I aim to moisturise once a day, especially my arms as it really reduces my dry skin and leaves my arms feeling softer than ever before!

3. How Has Your Skin Changed Throughout Your 20s?

I do not suffer with eczema so much anymore, however, as I regularly use fake tan I find my skin is dryer than what it was before. In my full bodycare routine for dry skin I have to make sure I regularly use my Ameliorate Body Lotion and their fabulous Bath Milk Oil, as it ensures I never suffer with dry and itchy skin!

4. In Terms Of Bodycare, What Are Your Biggest Skincare Concerns?

My biggest concern is definitely dry and itchy skin. As mentioned, I used to suffer with eczema, however as I’ve gotten older although I’ve grown out of eczema, I still get really dry skin. My dry skin is why I love Ameliorate products so much, in my bodycare routine since using their Body Wash and Bath Milk Oil with their unique LaH6 Complex, my skin is never as itchy or dry as it used to be!

5. What Is Your Biggest Bodycare Indulgence?

My biggest bodycare indulgence is definitely the Ameliorate Body Lotion and Bath Milk Oil. Adding a capful of it to your bath, just adds that extra bit of relaxation and it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so soft! The Ameliorate Body Lotion is also amazing and comes in some many scents, so it’s definitely a little bit of luxury added to your bodycare routine.

6. How Do You Keep Your Body Fit And Healthy?

I try to keep fit and healthy by regularly going on runs. I only started doing this during lockdown, but I have definitely grown to love getting up and going for a run. I try to eat as healthy as possible, by regularly eating fruit and vegetables.

7. What’s The Best Thing About Being In Your 20s?

I would say the best thing about being in your 20s is not having much to worry about! Although I have recently finished university and I am putting so much pressure on myself to find a job that I will love, its important to remember that you are only young once and you’ve got your whole life to worry about that!

However, now that lockdown is coming to an end going out and socialising with friends is most definitely my favourite thing to do!

8. What Are Your Favourite Ameliorate Bodycare Products?

I really don’t think I could choose a favourite, they’re all amazing and perfect for everybody. I would say my favourites would be their bestselling Body Lotion, Bath Milk Oil and their Body Exfoliant. They’re my secret trio to getting smoothed and moisturised skin!

Bodycare Routines In Your 30s: Lucy Robinson @the.lux.aesthetic


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1. What Does Your Weekly Bodycare Routine Look Like?

I’ve been an avid self-tan lover since my twenties so needless to say I enjoy a good scrub once or twice a week. The Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliator is a favourite with its gentle bamboo granules and trusty Alpha Hydroxy Therapy as my skin is both exfoliated and moisturised. I then spritz some rose water toner on my legs to make sure that no self-tan settles into my pores and moisturise tricky areas such as ankles, knees and elbows with Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion before tanning.

2. What Is The Thing You Love Most About Your Body?

I’m a tall woman – 6ft! It’s not always been easy to accept my height, but as I get older I really try to focus mostly on celebrating what my body can achieve rather than worrying about how it fits into accepted beauty standards which is definitely a challenging mental shift to make but so beneficial. I enjoy yoga, so I am really proud of how mobile and flexible my body is and I spend hours a day on my feet at work, so I’m thankful my legs are strong and long.

3. How Has Your Skin Changed Throughout Your 30s?

I was one oily young woman – right into my mid-twenties too! Oily, congested skin was my normal. But as I reached my 30s I realised that was no longer an issue and now I really enjoy lots of layers of hydration to make my skin bouncy and glowy.

For this reason, I absolutely love to sleep in the Ameliorate Restorative Facial Mask because it leaves my skin so hydrated and smooth after every single use. I’ve noticed my skin is a little more sensitive as I’ve gotten older, so I am very careful and picky with what I apply – only the best makes it onto my face!

4. In Terms Of Bodycare, What Are Your Biggest Skincare Concerns?

So I suffer from Psoriasis and I have patches of extremely dry skin that I try to keep on top of with some intense moisture, but that’s a concern that is hugely helped by Ameliorate.

5. What Is Your Biggest Bodycare Indulgence?

I really love a long soak in the bath with bubbles, you know the kind? Hair mask, face mask, shave your legs and maybe there’s a cup of tea (or something stronger) involved. And 5 minutes of peace and quiet!

I always put something soothing like a Bath Oil or soak into the water, and let it work it’s magic while I relax.

6. How Do You Keep Your Body Fit And Healthy?

For me, repetitive exercise routines and gym memberships do not spark joy and instead I try to make sure that movement is fun. I have quite an active job and do around 10k steps a day just at work! I enjoy yoga practice and meditation most days too – it feels like a really calm and mindful way to wake up. I also enjoy really long countryside walks on the weekends.

7. What’s The Best Thing About Being In Your 30s?

Learning that its absolutely fine to unapologetically myself.

8. What Are Your Favourite Ameliorate Bodycare Products?

Don’t make me choose! As I mentioned before I use the Transforming Body Lotion almost daily in the Orange Blossom scent, it’s so comforting so I couldn’t be without that. Equally something lesser discussed that I purchase on repeat is the Softening Bath Milk Oil, it has all the amazing benefits of Ameliorate with zero effort, you just enjoy your bath and your skin has a treat! I’m rarely without either of these dream bodycare products.

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