Facial Moisturizers & Creams

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An effective facial moisturizer creates a barrier between your skin and external stressors that can aggravate the skin. Best applied on clean skin after a serum, massaging a facial moisturizer into the skin helps to rehydrate the skin's surface while creating a protective emollient. Discover the ideal facial moisturizer for your skin concerns whether that be to restore, rebalance or replenish the complexion. Each one of Ameliorate's facial moisturizers are created with unique, science-led formulas that are dermatologist-approved. What's more, for intense hydration, you can choose our moisturizing facial mask to restore and reinforce your skin while you sleep to reveal nourished, radiant-looking, supple skin in the morning.
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Why Ameliorate Moisturizers & Creams?

Ameliorate's facial moisturizers are made with dermatologist-approved formulas to provide a protective barrier on the face and rehydrate the skin's surface. The science-led combination of powerhouse ingredients cater to different skin types and concerns, whether you are looking to replenish or rebalance the complexion.