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Rough Skin Texture Treatments - For Face

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Rough skin texture can be the result of dryness or a build-up of dead skin cells trapped under the skin's surface. This is why Ameliorate's solutions for rough skin texture contain formulas that combine hydration and exfoliation to improve the appearance of this common skin concern. Made with our LAH6 skin hydration complex, a unique formula that is proven to improve hydration levels in the skin and support the natural exfoliation process. The end result is skin that is left feeling soft, moisturized, conditioned, and healthy. From our resurfacing toners to our facial cleansers, there is a solution to be found within this skin-smoothing skincare range.
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Why Ameliorate Rough Skin Texture Treatments For Face?

Ameliorate's products for rough skin texture have been designed to both hydrate and exfoliate, the ultimate solution for a complexion that is dry and textured. Containing the unique LAH6 skin hydration complex, these products have been dermatologically approved to provide skin that is soft and supple.