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How to Get a Winter Glow from Top to Toe

How to Get a Winter Glow from Top to Toe
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert1 year ago
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There's a certain theory that as humans, we appear more attractive during the summer months. In fact, the summertime is well known to provide us with a general glow-up thanks to that healthy radiance that comes hand-in-hand with the sun. This leads us to ask, is a winter glow even possible? With cold, dark mornings briefly followed by colder, darker evenings, our chance to get some vitamin D is limited to a few hours during the day (if the winter sun decides to make an appearance, that is.) Therefore, to achieve a winter glow, you must take matters into your own hands. This means exfoliation, hydration, and a little extra help from an illuminating lotion.

Just because the weather is dull, doesn't mean your skin has to be. Here's how to get a winter glow throughout the year's darkest months.

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How to make your skin glow naturally at home

To make your skin glow naturally at home, you must first establish the obstacles that winter itself may be putting in your way. One of the most obvious of these is, of course, dryness. So why is dry skin synonymous with the chilly months? There are two large factors at play:

  1. The cold temperatures outside
  2. The intense heat inside

The cold winter weather is low in humidity, meaning that there's very little moisture in the air. The more we are outside in these cold conditions, the drier our skin gets. Following this, we tend to scurry into the comfort of our homes where our heating is waiting for us on full blast. However, this is further detrimental to our skin, as the air emitted by heaters is equally lacking in moisture. Finally, we have our beloved long hot showers, those of which zap the last bit of hydration from our skin. According to Healthline, this is because hot water causes damage to the cells on the surface of our skin. "By disrupting these cells, it creates dry skin and prevents the cells from locking in moisture."

As you can imagine, a winter glow is not possible with dry, flaky skin. The two simply do not go together. So, to make your skin glow naturally at home, you must first ensure it's sufficiently hydrated. Whilst you may already have a moisturizer in your routine, a few additional steps are required to really achieve that winter glow.

Use a resurfacing cleanser

Swap your cleanser out for one that is designed to nurture your face with hydration as it cleanses and purifies. This Resurfacing Facial Cleanser is unique in that it actively increases your skin's moisture levels whilst helping to protect its natural barrier for skin that looks replenished, fresher and brighter. A key part of achieving that winter glow, the creamy formula melts onto the skin and gently resurfaces to provide a texture that’s plumped with moisture without that stripped, dry feeling afterwards.

Use an overnight mask

Just once or twice a week, apply an intensely hydrating overnight mask to the face before bed. Ameliorate's mask works hard overnight to reveal nourished, radiant-looking, supple skin in the morning. With a formula charged with Ceramide Therapy and a blend of high-performance active ingredients, this Restorative Facial Mask helps to enhance your skin's natural moisture barrier and lock hydration in, so you wake up with a healthier-looking complexion, plumped with moisture.

Don't forget the lips

Often when we think of dry skin, our minds jump to our faces and bodies. But what's a winter glow with chapped, dry lips?

Ameliorate's Intensive Lip Treatment is a non‐greasy, easily absorbed lip cream that reduces the appearance of dry, red lips and helps build a protective shield against dehydration around the delicate lip area, to keep the lips hydrated through the coldest of days.

Tips for glowing skin on the body

Now that we've learned how to make the skin glow naturally at home, we can apply what we've learned to our faces. However, skincare shouldn't end at our necks. One of our tips for glowing skin on the body is to set a routine. What's more, the skin on our body is a little tougher, so this routine may involve a bit of elbow grease to achieve that winter glow.

  1. Before showering, rub your dry skin with an Exfoliating Body Mitt
  2. Our second tip for glowing skin is to try to stick to luke-warm water when showering. As mentioned, a cooler temperature will be less dehydrating. Try timing your showers after exercise when your body temperature is already high. That way, you won't crave that piping hot temperature as much.
  3. After showering, apply your body lotion straight away while the skin is still damp. This will lock-in the moisture that's already on your skin, whilst forming a protective barrier of hydration.
  4. Finally, opt for a body lotion with an Illuminating Glow Formula. Charged with pearl particles for an instant winter glow, this body lotion provides the skin with a healthy look and feel, deeply hydrating for a lit-from-within finish.

Your skin confidence shouldn't end once summer does. Radiate all throughout the year with these tips for glowing skin and discover that winter glows really do exist!

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Writer and expert
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