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Skincare Tips for How to Protect Against Dry Skin in Winter

Despite the glory and sparkles that come with the festive season, winter can be a real nuisance. We’re referring to its impact on the skin, of course. The harsh temperatures and cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin’s barrier, creating yet another obstacle in our journey to supple, hydrated skin. Dry skin in winter is a given at this stage, but here at Ameliorate, we don’t believe that this has to be the case. With the right skincare regime and ingredients, there’s no reason why we should sit back and accept all of those skin woes associated with this chilly time of year. For this reason, we’ve shared some of our top advice on how to avoid flakes and irritation, and maintain luscious skin all year round.

Keep reading for Ameliorate’s skincare tips for dry skin in winter.

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Why does winter cause dry skin?

You might be wondering why does winter cause dry skin? Especially if, for the rest of the year, your skin is relatively unproblematic. We know by now that cold weather conditions play a big part. This is because there’s little humidity in the air, and low humidity can draw moisture from our skin. However, there are actually a few more factors to blame. 

So, why does winter cause dry skin aside from bitter temperatures? Well, the warm blasts off radiators aren’t helping either. Thanks to our heating, as we step inside to get out of the cold, we’re stepping into another environment with a severe lack of moisture in the air. Topped off with those piping hot showers on dark, frosty mornings, these are the perfect conditions to strip the skin of all of its hydration. 

How to take care of dry skin in the winter

So now that we know why winter causes dry skin, let’s take a look at tackling it.

Stop showering (with piping hot water).

This is a key way to take care of dry skin in the winter and don’t worry, we have some tips.

  • Try to time your showers around exercise. When your body temperature has already been increased, you’ll be less interested in a piping hot wash.
  • Start with cold water. From there, you can make small adjustments until the water is lukewarm. This way, your mind may be tricked into thinking that you’re using water that’s hotter than it is.
  • Focus on your breath. Take deep inhales through your nose and sharp exhales through the mouth. Breathwork makes chilly showers all the more bearable.
  • Try to make it a habit. Remember why you’re doing it, it will all be worth it to avoid that dry skin in winter!

Moisturize while your skin is damp

One of our favorite pieces of advice to take care of dry skin in the winter is to moisturize while your skin is still damp. Damp skin equals hydrated skin. Therefore, when you lather on the Transforming Body Lotion on top, it’s not only providing an extra layer of intense moisture but sealing the hydration into your skin.

So, keep your lotion right by your shower for easy access as soon as you step out.

How to help dry skin around the mouth in the winter

An area where dry skin in winter is particularly prevalent is around the mouth. We understand the temptation of licking your lips in hope of instant relief. However, if there’s one thing to take from this guide, it’s to stop doing this immediately. In fact, it’s the worst thing you can do to help dry skin around the mouth. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, your saliva will dry and as it does, it will zap the moisture from your lips.

While lip balms are certainly a preferred method to provide that immediate comfort on the lips, an even better solution is to reach for a lip treatment. Apply Ameliorate’s Intensive Lip Treatment liberally before bed so it can work its magic overnight as you sleep. This will provide a deeper, long‐term relief to dry skin around the mouth in winter and beyond. You can also use it to reapply during the day as soon as you feel that craving for moisture.

What is the best body lotion for dry skin in the winter?

Finally, we previously mentioned that lotions work best when the skin is damp. However, not all were created equal! It’s essential to look at the ingredients, as during this time you deserve the best body lotion for dry skin in winter. So, what are you looking out for? Opt for one which does not just moisturize, but sweeps away those dead, dry skin cells that may have already accumulated so your skin can start afresh. For example, Ameliorate’s body lotion contains Lactic Acid which penetrates the skin slower than other smaller AHA’s. This means that it provides a more gentle exfoliation on that often irritable, dry winter skin. 

Secondly, it’s all well and good for a product to claim it moisturizes, but exactly how does it do this? Similar to the lip balm vs treatment scenario, the best body lotion for dry skin in the winter will contain the ingredients that work on a deeper level to not only provide instant relief but also provide a long-term solution. The ingredients in our LAH6 Hydration Complex bind water to the upper layers of the skin and condition the surface so that our lotion is clinically proven to significantly increase moisture levels in the skin for 24 hours.

To conclude, dry skin in the winter is a hindrance, but something we can all relate to. As the festive season approaches, try some of the tips from this guide and notice a transformation in your skin’s resilience to the cold!

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